‘ol 55

As everyone, I have been witness to the explosion of blogs and the web 2.0 phenomenon – and after months of sitting on the fence I have decided to join the revolt.

As with any blog I had hoped to have an influential inaugural post to set me on the right foot. Unfortunately all of my greatest post ideas seem to have left me now that I am no longer a spectator. At the hope of not being lost to sheer obscurity in the huge volume of blogs available I am going to try and maintain regular updates – and hopefully do something a little different.

In the post-Christmas sluggishness I have been very slow in getting much writing done – outside of academic work anyway. To compensate I have been revisiting some of the many books I have not read yet.

E.E. Cummings Selected Poems 1923-1958, has graced my to-do list for months and I finally got a chance to read it last week. I struggled at first to grasp the games Cummings plays with syntax and grammer. Until, after flicking through the book in the frustration of not simply not understanding, I came across ygUDuh, the poem that helped me decipher Cummings.

From this piece on I began to appreciate and fathom the words from earlier pages and how Cummings was revitalising traditional forms while implementing his own humour and style. I’m still working my way through the thin volume but it is hard to hide the elation as comprehension trickles slowly to forefront of my consciousness.

As my parting link – I give you THE CAT FLAP, from Peter Sirr.


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