remembering Chicago

Rob Marshall’s latest film, an adaptation of Arthur Golden’s ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’, shows the talent and technical eye that he has acheived during his career. Memoirs of a Geisha is a brilliantly shot film that is well worth appraisal for its use of colour and mesmerizing locations. The cast are well chosen and each more than capable of adapting to a more than convincing character. The three leading actresses are incredibly beautiful and all very talented creating their characters personalities as geisha, each one very different to the other. (Incidentally all three are Chinese – and were cast by a Japanese production company)

The movie follows the story of Chiyo as she is sold to a Geisha house and brought up ‘in the life of a true Geisha’ – a term used reverently throughout the movie. Chiyo begins her struggle to be educated and join the elite as the most successful and venerable Geisha in Japan. I am curious how, had this movie not been from Japan, the story would have been portrayed. A young girl taken from her family and sold as a companion? Or worse, prostitute? A very different take than the nostlgic tale in Geisha I imagine. The hue that clouds this movie creates a wonderful and titilating story, but one that is more wistful traditionalism than reality.

indecipherable confessions: John Maguire confesses about film.


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