up north

My cinematic comments coincide with the releases in the local arts centre, Light House. Much like the IFI in Dublin the Light House has a cinema, amongst many other resources, and the entire building was once the Chubb Lockworks, giving the creative atmosphere a deeper resonance. The films released in the cinema generally only run for a week and are several months behind the actual releases, so my apologies for the seemingly very belated comments.

North Country is Niki Caro‘s first movie since Whale Rider – the story of a New Zealand tribe and the struggle for their next leader. North Country, although fictional, is based on the true story of the first sexual harassment class action – in the Minnesota strip mines. Caro’s movie follows the story of Josey Aimes as she leaves a broken relationship and returns to her parent’s house with her two children.

Aimes, played by Charlize Theron, is an understated hero who is given life through Theron’s character embodiment, much like her portrayal of Aileen Wronos in Monster. The film follows Aimes as she joins the few women working in the strip mines and slowly rebuilds her life. Giving an interesting insight into the struggle that many women suffered as the laws on equality began to be implemented into smaller communities. A struggle that is so well depicted by those involved that during the credits and the walk out of the cinema after the movie I could not help but have an unquenchable feeling of wanting to do something.

The supporting cast in North Country, of which there are several recognisable faces, are all well depicted – the exalted Woody Harrelson playing Aimes’ lawyer is very well characterised. I am sure that this is coming soon to DVD, if it is not already released, and is highly recommended.

feeling slightly homesick today: Overheard In Dublin


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