too hot to handle?

Buzzmachine‘s Jeff Jarvis made his first post on the Guardians new Comment Is Free site by lashing out at the FCC over hypocritical controls on what should be aired on American television. On the ruling that the words ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ are profane and grossly offensive Jarvis replied “To sum this up all too bluntly: “nigger” and “kike” are constitutionally protected while “fuck” and “shit” are not. In a response to the FCC fines the Daily KOS have posted the Parents Television Council contact details on their site.

The episode of Without A Trace that is costing CBS $3 million was aired earlier last year by TV3, I have emailed the BCC to try and find out how many complaints, if any at all, were made against TV3 for showing the same episode. Did anyone watch the programme? Was it as bad as the PTC have made it out to be, and is it worth $3m in fines? I’ll update as soon as the BCC get back to me.

UPDATE: No word from the BCC and I’ve been too busy to realise – I will have another go today.  

released from its prison: comment is free


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