lagging under pressure

My apologies to anyone who reads this blog – the enthusiastic start seems to have wanned slightly. My excuses are as follows: I am coming to the end of the degree so a lot of work is being heaped on and the proposals for next year are being written and sent out, unsurprisingly, they are being difficult. Excuses out of the way, your expectations lowered and my conscience eased I guess I'll post…

Sigla posted about poetry blogs earlier this week, something I am very interested in. As a result I have started to add a blogroll on the site, which will specify Irish arts blogs to make them easier to find. This is partly a selfish act however, I'm hoping that others will leave blogs that I don't know about in the comments – so I can read blogs I never knew existed.

In other news, I am enjoying the photoblog. It has proven easier to find a picture than a post most of the time, and I have received some very good feedback from and, amongst others. Please post any comments, criticisms etc on the site here – I'd like to hear what people think.

a dedicated blogger, and great writer – Neil Gaiman, again…


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