in anti-praise of… workshops.

Jen Hadfield has an interesting poetry workshop on the Guardian site: Anti-praise Poems.

The site has a list of all of the tasks set and there have been some very talented writers involved, including Tony Curtis and Moniza Alvi amongst others. The workshops are a great resource to explore poetry form and play with ideas as well as read other poets' thoughts on different aspects of writing. Topics explored include rhyme, rhythm, meter, and form with each separate workshop giving a new aspect and view on what writing is. 

if:book blog has a piece on the future of literary history – if writers are sending emails rather than letters, how will biographers/editors be able to record and publish the letters of contemporary writers. Dave Eggers, previous, is planning to set-up his outbox as a searchable, customisable website to make it easier for his work to be referenced.


1 Response to “in anti-praise of… workshops.”

  1. 1 Robert Bruce May 7, 2006 at 9:22 pm

    The emails also leave out the ever-present doodles… which are, most of the time, the best part of lit letters.

    Glad to have found you, looking forward to digging around here.

    [Insert random drawing here…]

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