Just an introduction before I start to make a larger mark on the blog. I have agreed to take up a regular gig to get ideas generating. I’m adding a quick note about me here and a link to my own blog, plasticpoetics.

Born in 1964, Fournier has worked as an editor, a farmer, a taxi driver, an accountant, a bouncer, a gigolo, a nurse, a waiter, a gangster, a drug dealer, a goal keeper, an hotel concierge, an actor, a photographer, a painter, a consultant, a tennis coach, a diplomat, a lecturer, a designer, a bartender, a delivery guy, a translator, a copywriter and a lap dancer. He has been published in journals and anthologies.

The lap dancer part might be a slight exaggeration but the rest is close to being accurate. Looking forward to having some serious debate on here.


In an attempt to revive the blog, and encourage increased posting, I have invited a guest blogger to join poetbloggs. Poet George Fournier has agreed to post regularly on topics relating to the arts, poetry and literature. That leaves me ‘amongst other things’ and the podcast. – pb


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