my own redundant verse

My reply to Imani has been playing on my mind since this morning and I have had a change of heart. I do need to know that what I write has some sort of purpose, not necessarily political, but a purpose.

I am under no illusions as to the greater political influence that poetry has, or the lack of, as is the case argued in the previous post. I do not aim to set the worlds politics on its head with my writing. But art is a purpose in itself. The aesthetic aim to write something that is well crafted, and lasting to a reader. I believe that that is a purpose for all art.

There are other purposes for art and many different ideas on what a purpose is. Imani, do you mean poetry, and all other creative writing, should have no purpose whatsoever?


ps – I have just read the piece by Rachel Cooke from Sundays Observer (26th November). I’m not sure I like the idea of ‘battle lines’. I consider myself a professional, and now a blogger. The ideology behind both newspaper reviews and blog reviews is discussion and debate. There are as many bad reviews published in newspapers, as there are online.


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link to Rachel Cooke article. – pb.


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