final redundancy.

As a closing note on the influence of art, poetry in this case, and its political and other influences, I have found an article from PIW, Can Poetry Be Political?, November 2002.

Irish poet, Joe Woods, is cited in the article arguing that ‘all poetry is sexual, religious, political, or anything that moves people or societies’. Perhaps not all poetry is going to fit this criteria, but certainly it should. Another writer, K. Michel, is given as saying ‘that poetry is always something more than any of these things, and that “something more” happens to be poetry.’

The article raises some interesting questions and makes no definitive argument for or against the influence of art. The decision of art-for-arts-sake over art as a moral indicator is left to the readers discretion.


notes: PIW, Can poetry be political?
The Whitbread (now called Costa) Book Award Shotlist (Not related to the article but still news worthy) Feeling more like a blog editor than a contributor. Back soon, I hope. -pb.


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